Tattoo aftercare

Tattoo aftercare

Everything you need to know about how to take care of a new tattoo and how to make sure that it will look fresh for a long time.

Caring for a tattoo generally consists of two simple steps: 1. HYGIENE and 2. HYDRATION.


This is done by washing the tattooed area !! AT LEAST !! once a day with lukewarm water (NOT hot!), usually in the morning or evening, using a pH-neutral antibacterial soap.

Q: Is a pH-neutral antibacterial soap absolutely necessary?

A: No, but due to the fact that there are people with more sensitive skin and prone to complications, it is recommended to use such soap to avoid the likelihood of an allergic reaction or a tendency of the skin getting dry in the tattooed area.


According to the steps mentioned above, the tattoo should be gently swabbed (DO NOT WIPE HARSHLY) with a clean towel, left to dry for 2-5 minutes, then covered in a thin layer of special lotion (eg. Bepanthen) or an aftercare cream for tattoos (you can purchase one from the salon). The cream should be applied several times during the day (every time the skin has absorbed the previously applied layer), but not in excess (there is a risk of “suffocating” the skin).

Q: What can happen if I apply a layer of cream that is too thick?

A: A cream layer that is too thick can overfill the skin, and due to the difficulty of “breathing”, it can cause small pimples (filled pores, blocked by cream), overhydration (when the skin looks like a sponge due to excess of cream, preventing the elimination of lymph – a natural process in tattoo healing).

!! This process will be repeated daily for 10-14 days !!

The tattoo, a few days after it was made, will form a thin layer of skin on it, like a shell, which MUST NOT be torn / ripped, because once the tattoo is healed, the shells will disappear on their own. By moisturizing the skin, you help this skin reaction to heal faster and more correctly.

If the skin is not properly hydrated (too little cream or applied too rarely / not at all), the peels will harden, leading to wounds, which will lead to the cracking of the skin and possibly damage to the tattoo.

Laser tattoo removal

Tattoo removal is done with a laser pulsation device, which breaks down the ink molecules in the skin so that the body can gradually eliminate them. Some of the ink comes to the surface of the skin, and the remaining part is destroyed in smaller and smaller pieces. The small particles are then processed by the body, taken up by the lymphatic system and eliminated naturally, through sweat / urine.

Q: Is the tattoo removal process painful?

A: yes, the removal process is quite painful, because small burns appear at the skin level, and the location of the tattoo can also determine how painful this process will be.

Q: What will the tattoo look like after laser sessions?

A: after the laser removal procedure, the tattooed area will be red and swollen, and in some cases small blades of lymph and crusts may appear. They should not be broken / ripped off. Make sure you apply a specific skin care regularly (products that can be purchased from the studio) and wear a clean bandage until the area is completely healed.

The tattooed area will start to look more and more faded / discolored (after healing) with each session you perform.

Q: What are the factors on which the results of this procedure depend?

A: Factors on which the removal of a tattoo depends include:

– the age of the tattoo;

– how it was made / the depth at which it is in the skin;

– location on the body;

– organism;

– color / quality of the ink used;

Q: How many sessions are necessary to remove a tattoo?

A: On average, it is necessary between 10-15 sessions, but this term may vary for each person. If the removal is wanted only partially (for a future cover-up), the number of sessions may be lower, but for a total removal, the period can increase.

Q: How long do i have to wait between laser sessions?

A: It is important to have at least 4 weeks between procedures.

Q: What is the price of a laser removal session?

A: At Old Ink Bucharest, this procedure has prices starting from 150 lei / session for small tattoos. After a free consultation at the salon you can be given an exact quote price for your tattoo.

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