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The story of the Old Ink Bucharest tattoo studio started from the desire to make a dream come true starting from the passion for visual art that Răzvan, the founder of this business, had since early childhood.

We know that choosing a tattoo studio is a very different process from one person to another. Some choose the studio based on notoriety, others based on their portfolio, others based on prices or by simply choosing the first salon that comes up on Google.

Throughout the years, we have been recommended by clients for our patience, for the suggestions with which our artists come to improve or personalize tattoos, for the authenticity of the experience lived in our studio. We are also told that the environment created here is extremely pleasant and relaxing, where customers can feel comfortable and “among friends”. We were also praised for keeping up with trends and “fashion”, always coming up with new ideas in terms of technique, vision and art.


We pour our hearts in every tattoo we make and offer you reliability & professionalism.


Laser hair removal pays off after the first session, and its effects are long-lasting!

Tattoo removal

If you want to remove a tattoo, we can help you with the newest laser technology and qualified staff.

tattoo machine

Aftercare creams & accessories

In our studio you can find aftercare creams and soaps for tattoo and piercing aftercare, as well as other accessories (piercing jewelry).

Body piercing

Premium piercing services in conditions of maximum hygiene and seriousness.


Got a tattoo you want to cover? Come visit us!

Our portfolio

Every day we aim to fulfill the wishes & ideas of our customers and we succeed every time. Have a look at some of the designs in our portfolio.

Meet our artists

Our team is made of only qualified artists with experience & great talent. We are looking forward to meeting you at Old Ink Bucharest, the authorized tattoo and piercing salon, located in sector 1, North Trainstation (Gara de nord)/ Calea Plevnei area. Exact address: str. Witting nr.26.

How do we work?

We consider tattooing a special thing in life and together we can promise to make your tattoo ideas come true.

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You can write to us on Whats App at the phone number  +40 727 206 020

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